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About Washing Machine Repair services

Washing machines and dryers are important household’s appliance investments. Let Me Repair makes your washing machine and dryer usage better, with most convenient appliances experience for you, so it last longer than expected! Don’t worry about water leakage or fire short circuit, two common mishaps of Washing Machine. Despite the brand you own, you can avoid the heavy cost of maintenances with Let Me Repair.

We provide you with a few easy tips and maintenance guidelines along with Washing Machine Repair services near you. Ensuring you that your washing machine is not only safe but also make them function better, saving your time, money and worry.

Washing machine cleaning

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How does Let Me Repair work?

You can get in touch with us by either sharing your number or by filling out the book online form.

Does Let Me Repair Provide video call assistance?

Yes, we do provide Video call assistance in case of minor issues and you can also share the video or image of the damage to the machine to get the quotation online.

What are the charges of Let me Repair for inspection visit?

It would be Rs.250

Is it worth repairing a 5-year-old washing machine?

Yes, if the cost is 50% of the repair, at Let me repair we provide a clear and transparent quotation

The average cost of washing machine repair?

It starts from 250 and will be less than 50% of your machine cost

Do you provide washing machine spare parts near me?

Yes, we do provide all you have to share is your address and a suitable time to visit you for the repair services

Can I buy all the brands of washing machine spare parts buy online with you?

Yes, you can place the order of all the brand washing machine spare parts; we will come to your doorstep and make sure to fit them right in your washing machine.

Washing machine spare parts buy online

Professional and Reliable services are our principles, let me Repair Professionals provide services for washing machine respire anywhere and anytime according to your convenience. We make your sure that required repair and replacements of Washing Machine Spare parts near you are made available on time.

I. Washing machine motor replacement

We deal with major brands of Washing Machine Spare parts and provide replacements for old washing machine motors as well.


Offering LG washing machine repair Bangalore we specialize in LG Direct Drive motors. That has an outer rotor type BLDC motor, connected to a washing machine tub directly without any belt or pulley. LG DD Motor of an outer rotor delivers more power in the Tub reducing the energy consumption.

Let me repair ensures that LG washing machine repair Bangalore covers the structure of the direct-drive motor replacements to enhance the washing efficiency of the Washing machine front loader and Washing machine Top loader reducing low noise & vibration.


We provide the various types of Samsung Digital Inverter Motors replacements, as part of Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore. Repairing and replacing Samsung washing machines repair Bangalore, We understand Samsung washing machines motors' efficiency, and make them reliable for long-term performance.

We make sure our Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore increases washing machine efficiency, by replacing Samsung Digital Inverter Motors to reduce the amount of noise that the machines produce when running.


Let me repair offer IFB washing machine spare parts near you in Bangalore. Understanding the design we ensure that your IFB washing machine functions at high-speed. We also provide IFB Drain Motor for IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machines as par IFB washing machine spare parts near you.

With trained professionals working with groundbreaking technology offer IFB washing machine spare parts near you for IFB front load washing machines and IFB Top load washing machines. Let me Repair near Bangalore significantly improved both the energy and washing efficiency of IFB small-to-mid-sized front-load washers by replacing the motors’

Robert Bosch

Offering Robert Bosch washing machine repair let me repair, understands Bosch washing machines EcoSilence Drive that is equipped with an advanced motor. Offering bosch washing machine repair we provide exact replacement from the company for optimally reduced friction and better energy efficiency, performance, and exceptionally quiet operation of your washing machine.

Let me repair understand the bosch washing machine repair and regulator motor speed control of dc motor by using GSM. We pay attention to smaller factors enabling Robert Bosch washing machine repair to replace the washers with conventional DD Motor, Enhancing your washing machine function with larger loads while maintaining efficiency.


Let me Repair offers Godrej washing machine repair has proven exceptionally reliable with Motors replacements for Godrej Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Wash Motor. Owing to the testing and certification

Our professional technicians know development tools usage and efficiently assemble Godrej washing machine repair. Understanding the design of high-performance, and energy-efficient of appliances, we ensure new levels of convenience with Godrej washing machine repair.

II. Washing machine Power supply board

Let me repair understand the structure of the power supply of the washing machine, which has an automatic door apparatus designed for the washing machine driving unit enabling the washing machine to perform the washing operation.

We offer LG washing machine repair Bangalore Control component for controlling the operation of the washing machine driving unit.

The power supply system includes the Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore and other brands to ensure directly connected power source and voltage that supplies to the control unit;

If your IFB Front Load Washing Machine, does not function or water does not enter the drum, problems will encounter with the power supply system.

You need not worry Let me repair offers IFB washing machine spare parts near you along with other brands. We assist all brands when it comes to power supply issues.

III. Washing machine Capacitor

Let me repair will check with the multimeter probes, the resistance of your washing machine, if it is low in the beginning, we will ensure it increase gradually. If the capacitor is Shorted Capacitor and we will replace it.

Offering Godrej washing machine repair and other brands, we understand the types of Capacitors and their classification based on their washing machine brand repair services.

The capacitor determines the competence or capacity to store energy in the form of an electrical charge producing a possible difference. Offering Robert Bosch washing machine repair and other brands, we understand the multitudinous different kinds of capacitors available for small and large capacitor globs used in resonance circuits to power factor correction of capacitors.

A capacitor consists of two or further resembling conductive plates connected or touching each other. They are electrically separated either by air or by some form of a good separating material resembling waxed paper, ceramic, mica, plastic, or some form of a liquid gel as used in electrolytic capacitors. Let me repair is every ready to fix the capacitor with bosch washing machine repair or any bard washing machine repair services.

IV. Washing machine Gearbox

The gearbox spins the pulley on the gearbox as it moves the inner shaft turns slowly back and forth, reversing the direction in every half-revolution. Along with a gear with a link attached to push another pie-shaped piece of gear back and forth. This pie-shaped gear engages a small gear on the inner shaft, which leads to the spline. In addition to rotating the inner shaft in alternating directions, they spin the motor only at one speed, and with the spin-cycle speed, a gear reduction is necessary to facilitate the slower wash cycle.

We understand the mechanism with the washer goes into a spin cycle, and the whole mechanism locks up, causing everything to spin at the same speed as the input. Which is hooked up to the motor, We repair LG washing machines repair Bangalore and other brands.

V. Washing machine Drum

Offering IFB washing machine spare parts near you and other brands let me repair offers washing machine drums. The washing machine has two tubs. The clothes are loaded in the inner drum that moves around the washing machine, it has holes to allow the water in and out. The outer tub holds the inner drum and the water inlet into the machine. This stops leakage of water into the rest of the machine and supporting the inner drum. Our Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore along with other brands ensures to replace your drum on time.

The problem with the outer drum is they won’t spin at the end of the cycle and the cloth will be wet if taken out without a fast spin at the end of the cycle. At times the fast spin stops working, leaving you with heavy clothes that are still drenched in water. Don’t worry we are at your services we fixe all the brands drum with Godrej washing machine repair and other brand services.

VI. Washing machine Inner drum

The Washing machine's Inner drum is the drum where the clothes are loaded. This drum moves cloth around the washing machine and is perforated with holes to allow the water in and out. The outer tub holds the inner drum and the water, stopping it from leaking into the rest of the machine and supporting the inner drum.

Washing machine drum paddles, or drum lifters that help the direct flow of water, separating the clothes during the wash cycle inside. The Drum Paddles break due to washing things that should not be washed in washing machines. This leads to something trapped between the inner and outer tub causing them to break or the plastic has degraded over time

VII. Washing machine Outer drum

The washing machine's outer drums are made of metal. Offering IFB washing machine spare parts near you and almost all the brand washing machines, we understand both the manufacturing structure of metal and cheaper plastic outer drums. Despite being made of plastic still, the nail screws and other bits do rust, this can easily damage or destroy the outer tub. Let me Repair helps in soldering iron screws repairing a hole or sealing a crack in the outer drum.

We solder iron to repair crack or a hole in the drum. Let me repair successfully repaired many of them the drum soldering iron. We understand the point of the standard soldering iron is pretty small, so we gently melt the plastic and move it where it should be. As part of Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore and other brands, we fix your washing machine with the iron soldering over the crack on the melt and surrounding plastic. This will seal it up and melt the plastic from each side of the crack over to melt into the crack.

VIII. Washing machine Pressure sensor

The Washing machine Pressure sensor estimates the timing and amount of water for various washing machine cleaning cycles. Let me Repair understand the sense of the pressure developed in an air dome of all brands the washing machine. The water level and senor provide an accurate measurement. The Washing machine's air pressure level is measured either by a pressure switch or a pressure sensor with the long-term effects of operating a diaphragm in direct contact with water and other contamination.

When the pressure in the hose reaches a certain level, disconnect the power programmer with the pressure switch to the washer's fill valve and redirect it to the timer. This causes the water to stop flowing and the washer to begin its first cycle. Let me repair offering major brands washing machine and Godrej washing machine repair, understand the pressure sensor operations analog or digital output to the washing machine control unit.

IX. Washing machine Inlet valve

Let me repair services offer IFB washing machine spare parts near you and other brands. The water inlet valve on your washing machine connects the two water hoses to the machine to control the flow of hot and cold water. The major problem with the valve is it will not fill properly or not fill at all. Our repair services for the inlet valve are directed towards cleaning the two inlet ports to restore proper full water flow. We also replace the bad valve despite the model of the washing machine.

Post fixing the water inlet valve we examine the parts until you find the problem. Further, our fixing sometime involves cleaning the filter screens. This may also require the replacement of the entire valve, the water inlet valve has two threaded ports connecting to hot and cold water hoses at the back of the washing machine. Each port controls valves to send electric power to open and close the flow of hot and cold water; based on the settings of the wash temperature and signals from the water-level switch.

Let me repair with its Robert Bosch washing machine repair and other brands repair services. We understand malfunctions of the water inlet valve causing a washer not to fill properly, fail to run, or wash at the incorrect water temperature.

X. Washing machine Wiring kit

A wiring harness is used in different places inside the washing machine, the key areas that are connected with wiring the motor. The washing machine is damaged or needs repairing, and then this is particular wiring harness can fix it for you. Let Me repair Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore and other brands washing machine includes wiring kit for restoring the machine functions to its original performance.

Offering IFB washing machine spare parts near you along with other brands, we find a suitable wiring harness for different washing machines. We deal in company-certified replacement parts for the smooth functioning of your washing machine.

Associated with all brands manufacturer, and Supplier of Washing Machine Wiring Harness in Bangalore. The bosch washing machine repair and other brand washing Machine Wiring Harness can be avail these products from us at the best price.

XI. Washing machine Drain motor

Drain motor for LG washing machine repair Bangalore has items of drain pump motor water outlet motors washing machine. The washing machine drain is connected to the valve motor, pc drain pump motor water outlet motors, and drain pump plug. Let me Repair washing machine services provide ideal items of drain motor for IFB washing machine spare parts near your along with other brands washing machine.

We offer major brand parts and accessories for washing machines. Let me repair offers deals on washing machine parts, we offer IFB washing machine spare parts near you and other brands with quality, providing the required help to fix your washing machine.

The drain pump motor is an integral component of water pumps to provide constant speed. Suitable for washing machines and equipment, making it is easy to operate. We directly replace the installation for the replacement of the old or broken washing machine parts. Offering it is suitable Godrej washing machine repair with parts, we reassemble the washing machine parts in a few seconds.

XII. Washing machine timer

The Washing machine timer is the brain of the washing machine that controls all its functions. It executes major functions from pumping water to spinning. They control the correct timing set during the washing process. If the timer is corrupted, the washing machine will not function properly. While digital washing machines timer buttons are not functioning properly to schedule the time for the wash cycle.

Let me repair understands timer's failure to cause due to the defective timer motor, as the motor's control contacts are stuck in the open position or defective drive gears. If the timer's wiring is not fixed well then the continuity of the motor will not function. As the timer is in control of all the functions of the washing machine let me repair offers Samsung washing machine service and other brand services.

XIII. Washing machine Cord wire

We ensure the replacement of washing machine power cords is for all the brands, Providing IFB washing machine spare parts near you along with other brands directly from the manufacturer. We replace washing machine power cords by removing the old power cord.

We offer a power cord, line cord, or mains cable that connects the electricity supply via a wall socket or extension cord. The washing machine Cord wire is coated with a plastic coating. As part of Samsung washing machine service and other major brands, we check the old power cord for efficiency and replace it with the new one. Using an extension cord for your washing machine should be avoided to maintain the cord wire. Ensuring appliance does not become a fire hazard.

XIV. Washing machine Door switch

Washing machines have a bi-metal strip inside the door lock which is heated by PTC Heater when live and neutral are activated. The door closing mechanism operates when the machine is started up and then unlocks them with a certain delay to ensure that the door cannot be opened while some of the components are still rotating initially.

Let me Repair offers IFB washing machine spare parts near you along with other brands. We understand the mechanism of a door latch made of a spring-loaded mechanism, where the latch just slips into the door catch and the door remains closed. We make the entire machine test-proof with resistance.

Due to losing connections and overheating wires sometimes burn on the terminals and burn the wiring block, If wires are burned they may need to be striped back and new connectors will need to be fitted. Sometimes door latch may not properly activate, we provide all the electrical parts of the interlock. With

Samsung washing machine service and other major brands we offer and replace the required plastic and metal parts inside to reduce the overheated and distorted parts.

XV. Washing machine Bearings

Replacing the bearings of the washing machine is less expensive. The bearing is the metal ring that supports the rotation of the drum. Washing machine Bearing wears out is a common problem with a lot of aging, this leads to sound in the washing machine. Let me repair offers IFB washing machine spare parts near you along with other brands.

Simple wear and tear are found in the washing machine for both the front and top loaders, it has two bearings that will degrade with use. There is the possibility of water seeping through seals around the metal bearings, causing them to rust over time. If Washing machines Bearings are worn out of the inner drum it makes more noise. Let me repair provides Robert Bosch washing machine repair along with major brands and make sure the right bearing is put in the right place.

XVI. Washing machine Oil seal

Seal failure and bearing failure are the main reason for washing machine transmission leaking oil. Making the Water in the drum cavity does not enter the bearings. Replacement procedures require good skill and knowledge in the field of construction of washing machines. Let Me repair professional will help you fix the problem washing machine, offering Samsung washing machine repair Bangalore with other brands of the washing machine.

The role of the Oil seal is the element that acts and seals the space between the drum and the shaft. Preventing the oil seal from entering the washer shaft and bearings, the part looks very simple it is a rubber ring with a certain diameter. Every brand of oil seals comes in various sizes assembling with the diameter of the ring depending on the specific model and brand of the washing machine depending on design and model.

XVII. Washing machine Dump valve

A dump valve is used in the automatic washing machine, connected to the mouth of the sump and having an outlet. The waste conduit is connected to the outlet, turning and extending rearward downwardly, Conduit is at the exit of a valve gate mount.

The automatic washing machine washers have been provided with dump pumps to pump the water to a waste line from the drum. The dump valve conduit is a very delicate part and is confined to a location comparatively inaccessible and in a position to be adversely affected by water being discharged.

Offering IFB washing machine spare parts near you and other major brands, we provide dump valve replacement for automatic washing machines. We ensure the waste is discharged at the end, and yet in an alignment that permits a simple, direct, and maintenance-free linkage connection.


Run a maintenance wash on your washing machine with its hottest setting for a typical load. Just toss detergent in it, and if you’d like a little extra sparkle and good smell, then add some vinegar or colored ammonia. Never use cloths in your maintenance wash. Use hot water mode to lightly run the machine to it clean and running after its maintenance. As this lessens the risk of intense flooding if something goes wrong.

  • braided hoses cleaning

Make sure you unplug the washing machine and Turn off the switch before starting your maintenance. Then move the washing machine slowly a few feet from the wall so you are comfortable to work. Next, make sure that you turn off the hot and cold water valves. Remove the drain hose from the drain, check if it has any cracks, and if it does replace it with the same type of hose, Let me repair washing machine repair in Bangalore has all major brands' spare parts. You can get in touch with us or write to us for the replacement. Use a towel under the supply hoses to hold any water from the pipe; then remove the hoses with a pair of rigged-joint adjustable pliers.

Make sure to clean the debris and sediment in the filter screens of the washing machine, which slows the flow of water from the washing machine by checking the filters, and cleaning buildup with a bristle brush.

Replace new braided hoses: Let me repair will also help you in replacement or you can do it by screwing the hose fittings onto the machine threads; then tightening them gently with pliers. Make sure the hose is lengthy enough to allow the machine to move when necessary, typically around 60 inches.

Connect the water supply at the end of braided hoses to the water supply tap, as you connect them to the machine. Make sure the pipe matches the hose with the water supply valve with hot and cold ends are connected correctly with the water supply. Check if there are any leaks from the open valves. Reconnect the drain hose to the drain.

  • drip pan

The drip pan under your washing machine will hold any leaks from the machine. The best drip pans have a drain so that any water that collects can be diverted to the floor drain. Make sure that water is not leaking whenever you run a load.

  • Dryer cleaning

Clean the lint trap pull out your dryer’s lint screen and push a brush straight down into the trap. Move the brush in circles to clean the lint trap at the bottom. Check with a flashlight to make sure the trap is clean. The vacuum cleaner can also help pick up the remaining lint. It is safe to remove all the lint as a safety precaution, or it may lead to fire due to the intense heat of your dryer.

  • Duct cleaning

Clean the ductwork disconnecting it from the dryer exhaust and from the exterior vent. If the duct of your washing machine is made of plastic or ribbed metal, replace them. If the duct is a metal smooth wall, then take it outside and clean all the parts with a round brush.

  • Vent cleaning

Clean the outside vent by spinning the vent brush as you insert it inside the duct that leads outside. Then pull it back and forth to clean off the bristles. Repeat the process until the bristles come out of the exhaust hood. Make sure to carefully clean without shoving the lint out with the brush, as you may create a clog.

  • Reassemble

Reassemble the metal ductwork and seal the joints with aluminum tape, after cleaning the washing machine. Avoid using screws to connect the sections, as they might cause build-up due to snag lint. The ends of the ductwork should be ensured to fit snugly onto the dryer’s exhaust and vent hood without any tape or hose clamps.

Place your washing machine back in place and make sure to check your hoses and cleaning ducts every six months. Let me Repair will provide you with all brands of washing machine hoses and cleaning duct replacement. Five years once they must be replaced and tag them with their installation date to track the replacement date.

If you take care of your washing machines with these basic maintenance instructions, your appliances will last longer, run better, and use less energy by saving you money and time.